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Adult Sickle Cell - Resident Curriculum

It is challenging for Arkansas Physicians to provide optimal care to adult sickle cell patients. It is presumed that many adults with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) in Arkansas don’t regularly see a primary care physician.  Thus, they are forced to react to their disease crises, instead of focusing on a preventative approach to managing their disease before it becomes critical.  This is expensive – not only for the patients, but for the state.  As the statewide leader in health care, UAMS is charged with finding a better way to manage SCD patients, and it aims to do so through the Adult Sickle Cell Clinical Program.

Educating primary care physicians, during their residency, regarding evidence based standards of care for SCD will promote their level of confidence and comfort in treating adults with this disease when they enter their medical practice with the hopes of reducing the disparity of Arkansans with SCD by increasing the number of Physicians educated to care for adult patients with SCD.

UAMS Adult Sickle Cell Clinical Program is partnering with the UAMS Regional Programs to educate Resident Physicians regarding Evidence Based Standards of Care for Adult Sickle Cell Disease.

It is our goal that upon completion of the following curriculum and didactic case presentations, the resident physicians will be able to recognize the essential components of preventative and acute management of SCD.

The Adult Sickle Cell Clinical Program realizes the Primary Care Providers of Arkansas need easily accessible resources and support services in order to provide the best standard of care available. Let us help you provide your sickle cell patients with the best possible care. Please see links of resources and support services listed to the left of this page.

For more information regarding the UAMS Adult Sickle Cell Clinical Program please visit our website at http://sicklecell.uams.edu/ OR Sickle Cell Annual Report 2015-2016.

Professional Education - Resident Curriculum

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Adult Sickle Cell Resources

NIH Guideline: The Management of Sickle Cell Disease

Opioid Prescribing Part I

Opioid Prescribing Part II

Patient Education on Sickle Cell Disease

·                11 Patient Education Modules on various Sickle Cell topics have been developed for patients and their families.

·                Providers are encouraged to offer these interactive learning modules to their patients with Sickle Cell Disease.

·                Understanding their disease is the beginning to better preventative health maintenance.

·                Patient Education Modules available on our website https://patientslearn.org/sicklecell.aspx

Clinical Trials 


Opioid Conversion Table 

PDF Opiod Conversion Table

Newborn Screening results

Transition Readiness assessment from the American Society of Hematology


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