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UAMS Launches Three in 30 Professional Development Series


The UAMS Organizational Development Office launches this week Three in 30, a new series of lunchtime professional development seminars that last only 30 minutes.

“A lot of times various managers and departments tell us that they would like to attend our professional development training, but they just don’t have the time,” said Lisa Twillie-Woodruff, M.A., organizational development consultant for the Organizational Development Office. “The Three in 30 series is designed to deliver impactful training in only 30 minutes.”

“We hope this makes it easier for UAMS employees to get the professional development that they want and need,” she said.

Three sessions in August are kicking off the new series. They are:

10 — Employee Engagement 
24 — Strategic Thinking 
31 — Communication Style 

  Comunication Styles
These slides discuss the different communication styles.

  Comunication Styles Assessment
These slides assess different communication styles.

UAMS Three in 30, Communication Style from Learn on Demand on Vimeo.

Presented by: Shelby Owens

 How Millennial Are You?

 These slides will help you gain better understanding of the Millennial workplace style.

UAMS, Three in 30, Networking for Change, Wes Alford Ph.D from Learn on Demand on Vimeo.

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