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An Overview of Telehealth
This highly interactive online module will provide a brief overview of telehealth. The true meaning of the words telehealth and telemedicine will be explored and potential applications will be demonstrated. Learners will be introduced to some of the technology used in the health care setting.
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This "Overview of Telehealth & Telemedicine" module introduces you to the the core concepts of telehealth and potential applications of it's use in the heath care setting. This first activity explains telehealth starting with the absolute basics and provides you with the big picture. You will then learn about the potential positive effects telemedicine can have on your organization by seeing how it is applied in other organizations. The module wraps up with a brief look into the technology used to practice medicine from a distance, prior to sending you on your way to the second module which take a much deeper look into the different types of equipment used today.
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